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National & State Indoor Championships 2017

Which way to go!
Rules of Engagement
Serious moment_
2017 Indoor Championships
Groupie shot
Happy Trio of Officials.
Facing the Targets
Orange Hat Jackson
VHAC [plus 2] competitors.
VHAC competing archers
The Crossbowmen
Long, short and tall
The Boss
Young Isaac
Pat & Graham
Bows on the line #2
Attila & Fred
The Lone Archer
The Girls do it Well.
On the Blue Line
XXX Fred
Ros Black & Bruce Lang
VHAC members 2017

2017 Fleurieu Triple Archery Event

Fleurie Tri-club event
Early morning Field walk
VHAC Field Competitors
Caught between the Trees
Laurana and Field Friends
Enjoying the sun.
Beware of Snakes in the Grass!
Graham and Friends
Pink versus the Green!
Little, Big Man!
Peeked cap coming in handy
Feeling the warmth!
Must have a Crossbow.
Good boots for a Field walk.
Seating provided
Where did that Arrow go
Fighting Fred
Waiting his turn.
Fred's offending sight
Almost home.
VHAC Indoor
Your Welcome
Rules of the Game
Gritty scorer
On the line
Up the scores
Up and down
Roslyn on fire
Southern Vales Archery Club Ground
SVAC grounds
Archers on the line at SVAC
VHAC wins!
Three Presidents

2017 State Clout Tournament

Clout Love
Clout Weather 2017
Graham 1st in Male Compound
Clout Competitors
Moon Clout
Clout & Arrows
Clout in the Sun!

2017 State Target Championships

Archery SA Championships
Arrow ready
Callan, Attila & Fred
Callan Inneson
Intermediate x 3
Kerren & Rhiannon back to back
Left behind
Eyes right
Odd one out
Line up
Panorama State Championships #2
The Chair and some elbows
Some nice scoring on the day
Through the tent
The Cubs
The Judge
The score
X Marks Crossbows
The Red Arrows
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