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Perfect Field day for Archery Trifecta

WA 24 Field Day held at Great Southern Archers grounds in Strathalbyn on August 19th, 2017.

A beautiful sunny day combined with little wind, made conditions ideal for this first event in the tri-club competition. The field course itself was stunning - fresh, green and a sprinkling of yellow from blossoming wattle and the sour-sobs made it picture perfect.

Out of 21 archers participating, VHAC had the smallest number with 4, Great Southern Archers 9 and Southern Vales Archery 8. It was also interesting to note thet type and number of bows used - 4 cross-bows, 2 recurve bows and 15 compound bows. Is there a message here?

The mood amongst the archers was relaxed, positive and many a chat was enjoyed and a few up-lifting moments experienced. It was great to mix and shoot with our neighbouring archery clubs. Whoever thought of holding this event - congratulations - it's a great idea!

Thank you to Great Southern Archers for hosting this event and making sure the course and weather were perfect for the visitors! Please check out images taken on the day which can be

found in Event Gallery of the VHAC website.


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