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Trifecta Stage 2 - Indoor

It was Victor Harbor Archery Club's turn on Wednesday 23rd August to host the 2nd stage of the Fleurieu Triple event in their Indoor facility at the Port Elliot Show-ground.

A total of 31 archers participated - VHAC 10, Great Southern Archers - 9 and Southern Vales Archery - 12. Compound archers where in the majority with 22, crossbows 7 and recurves 4.

Scoring standards were high with many a PB and Andrew Kuchel's frustrating but great score of 599 the highlight of the evening! Is it 'third time lucky' Andrew?

VHAC archers performed well - Graham Potts 591, Paul Bagnell 582, Sherry Gale 586, Kerren Black 561, Laurana Schofield-Black 557, Callan Ineson 575, Roslyn Black 532. Special mention must be made regarding Pino Mignanelli who scored 465 on the night. Pino has returned to archery following left arm injuries causing him to change bow type from compound to recurve and shooting right handed. In less than 12 months his scores are brilliant.

Pat Coghlan performed his duties as Event Manager with great efficiency and the club as host, made their fellow visiting archers welcome and well fed [Kerren Black excelled herself once again]!

Thank you to all who attended on the night, ensuring a successful event and congratulations to all whose efforts went beyond expectation.

The meagre images taken on the night can be viewed in 'Event Gallery' on the VHAC website.

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