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National Archery Championships

South Australian team members at the National Archery Championships

The final competitions of 2017 have kept our VHAC archers occupied and very much on their toes! Sherry Gale and Graham Potts were among the SA team members participating in the National Championships and are pictured above [centre front], dressed for the occasion in the official state uniforms.

The Archery Australia National Championships were held at the WA Archery Centre near Perth, from 5th-9th of November. Weather conditions were hot and windy for most of the events, making it a difficult and trying few days of competition.

Sherry in the Field.

Sherry Gale medal winner!

Sherry Gale, shooting in the Master Female Compound division, made a clean sweep by coming 1st in all events except for the Clout [which she does not shoot].

The National Championships consist of four events:

  • Short Distance Target-[60 metre distance with 900 arrows shot.

  • Clout

  • Target - 90 metres distance with 1440 arrows shot.

  • 24 marker Field course.

Graham Potts, shooting bravely in the Open Male Compound division, had mixed results amidst strong opposition [apart from the weather!] His results include 15th in short distance, 4th in the 180m Clout, 12th in Target and 14th in Field.

Graham impressive in Field mode.

It is always a thrill and moment of pride when an archer from VHAC competes in the 'big tournaments'. Regardless of their final placing, the fact that they are there and giving it their 'best shot', highlights their commitment to the sport and their good-natured, competitive spirit provides great role models for our future young archers.

Congratulations to Sherry and Graham on a 'job well done!'. 🎯

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