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VHAC Club Championships 2017

A little late with this report on our Club Championship for 2017 and it is appropriate to cover this event before 2017 comes to a close!

For the first year the championships now cover Target, Indoor and Field indicating how quickly things have developed at the club in just a twelve-month period.

There was much investigating, wheeling and dealing by key members of the committee to establish the indoor facility at Port Elliot and it has been much appreciated. Paul Bagnell and his team of helpers must be thanked and applauded for the great work done in setting up the Field course - we now just need for those trees and shrubs to blossom!

With everything in place members of VHAC attacked the three disciplines with gusto. Medals were presented last Saturday, 16th December to members who could attend the Christmas club celebrations held at Fred Brehin's home at Port Elliot.

Results include: Cub division - 1st Oliver Clay, 2nd Matthew Robinson, 3rd Emmet Baldock Cadet division - 1st Callan Ineson Open Female Compound -1st Kerren Black Open Male Compound - 1st Graham Potts Veteran Female Compound - 1st Roslyn Black Vet+ Female Recurve - 1st Lydia Strutton Open Male Recurve - 1st Pino Mignanelli Master Male Recurve - 1st Stephen Howard

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in this event.

Wendy Howell was responsible for organising medals - most impressive and thank you for making it happen.

Fred Brehin and his good wife, with their beautiful gardens and swimming pool and excellent BBQ [with trimmings] and luscious sweets, played hosts for this end of year celebration and thank you so much for taking this on and creating such a grand affair!

Here's hoping more members will participate in the Championships next year and really make it competitive and challenging and a lot more fun as well!

The Club Championships would not be complete without the winning Open Male and Female Compound archers. Proudly displaying their presence on the annual VHAC top archers plaque are Kerren Black and Graham Potts.

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