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VHAC Field Day [despite the weather!]

No, your eyes are not at fault - above image was taken through a very wet car windshield. Past the blur are Laurana Schofield-Black with Emmet Baldock braving the uncomfortable elements! It was good seeing Laurana shooting again - she is one of the 'flowers' that have been missing for the last few months.

Saturday 24th February was a Field course day and little did we believe the weather would turn to winter after a Friday of hot northerly winds and temperatures in the mid thirties! A few stalwart archers completed the course including visitors Ian Harris, Attila Bala and son Chris.

Numerous mounds of soil have been delivered to help build up a challenging and interesting Field course. Some trees and shrubs planted in spring have thus far, survived the summer so development is moving along. At the 55m target, deposited soil has covered a little of the distance so the challenge has been shooting from an elevated position.

Graham Potts, Chris Balla and Stephen Carr at the 55m elevated target position.

Graham Potts, Attila and Chris Balla and Stephen Carr shooting at the 12th target.

Despite the weather a good time was had by all.

#FieldArchery #VictorHarborArchery #ArcheryFieldday

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