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Busy Bee Archers!

It was a perfect day for archery last Saturday 7th April and a hot one for a busy working bee at the Victor Harbor Archery Club outdoor ground. The second container was delivered a few weeks ago and in keeping with the first container, needed a paint job.

Thank you to the merry souls who came along and helped with painting and fitting those whirly things that sit on top for ventilation - it made such a difference when many pairs of hands make the work go quickly. Young Isaac Love was impressive working at ground level. Father Brett Love also made a significant contribution as did the two Steves - Stephen Carr and Stephen Howard.

While those at ground level scrubbed, stripped and slapped on paint, Fred Brehin and helpers Kerren Black and Laurana-Schofield-Black made light work of installing vents x 2. Thanks to Graham Potts - his photo has Fred perfectly framed for eternity!

Paul Bagnell was pottering as usual and directing traffic. He continues to work wonders in keeping our grounds groomed perfectly and Graham Potts VHAC President, works tirelessly to help the club progress. Graham has been responsible for keeping the club running smoothly and sourcing many pieces of extra equipment including the containers, soil, white goods etc - throw in a few archery trophies and the picture is complete!

Fred and Kerren doing the 'roof-top shuffle'!

A wide angle view of the VHAC archery ground displays a great vista with landscaping planned for the near future. The one missing element to complete the picture perfect ground would be a club house, sitting on the raised portion at present occupied by the old shed.

If anyone knows of a kind, generously rich person who is willing to invest in a VHAC club house

please let the club know and we will eagerly pursue it!

#VHACClubhouse #donations #archerygrounds

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