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2018 Fleurieu Triple

Get ready........The Fleurieu Triple is coming up!

The 'Big Three' Southern Fleurieu Archery Clubs have again announced their intention of holding the "Fleurieu Triple' event following it's inaugural success in 2017. Victor Harbor Archery Club came out on top last year so hopes will be high that they can be toppled!

Collaboration between the clubs is worthy of praise as they avail their members the opportunity of meeting and competing with their neighbours in friendly rivalry. It can be difficult to visit and mix in with other archery clubs, so this event provides both an introduction for new archers to experience the atmosphere of competition and to interact with archers outside of their own club environment - a great start to those who have high ambitions!

The Fleurieu Triple involves three disciplines to be shot over one week.

  1. FIELD day will be held at Great Southern Archers on 11th August.

  2. INDOOR event is Victor Harbors turn at their Port Eliott range on 15th August and

  3. TARGET to be held at Southern Vales Archery Club grounds on 18th August.

So to all archers from each of the club's, join in to help make it a great week of archery!

Further details will be posted closer to the event.

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