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VHAC Scores Australian Open and More.....

Victor Harbor Archery Club has now been formally advised it will be hosting several major events for 2019 and 2020.

The club is fortunate in having Pat Coghlan as its Tournament Manager and it is through his hard work, determination and passion for the sport and VHAC which has brought about this positive outcome.

Pat Coghlan - Tournament Manager for VHAC - he deserves to sparkle!

VHAC already successfully runs the SA Leg of the National Matchplay Series and is one of the host clubs for the National and State Indoor Championships.

Matchplay 2018

There will be much to do in planning and organising for these events and the VHAC Committee and members are eager to take up the challenge.

Whether you wish to be a part of these exciting events as a competitor or if only to watch our best Australian archers perform, jot the dates in your diary and come along and enjoy the atmosphere of mingling with like-minded archery folk. The three events will be packed into one week so we will be joining in with Adelaide's 'Mad March' events of entertainment, car racing and Archery mayhem!!

  1. 2019 Australian Open - 28th Feb - 2nd March

  2. 2019 National Matchplay Series Final - 3rd March

  3. 2019 World Target Trials - 5th & 6th March

  4. 2020 Australian Open - date TBA

Five faces which will definitely be seen at these events include from left to right - Graham Potts, Pat Coghlan, Attila Balla, Chris Balla and Callan Ineson - all looking grand in new 'Pat's Archery' shirts!


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