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Post Indoor Championships & Beginners Course

With the National and State Indoor Championships behind us the Victor Harbor Archery Club is almost back to normal. Last Wednesday [8th August] our indoor venue seemed a little less crowded but still well attended. Please note the newly painted white walls [still need 2nd coat] which will be a little more uplifting than the dark blue!

The club welcomes Associate members - Melissa, Attila and Chris Balla who have now become regular visitors to our indoor venue. Harrison Balla will actually become an active member of VHAC and we hope to see him joining us soon.

In recent weeks there has also been the return of Rachel Coghlan to the VHAC fold and it has been a pleasure having her join us. For an archer who has not been active for a while, she is a top shooter! Having Pat as her partner could be of some help!!

A Beginners Course was booked to begin an hour before the VHAC indoor shoot on this same evening and it was good seeing the enthusiasm both the young and older members of the group showed on this their first session. Pat Coghlan and Graham Potts served as coaches and laid down the ground rules before the 'picking up of bows'.

In summary the Victor Harbor Archery Club is getting on with business preparing for the Fleurieu Triple Event beginning this Saturday with the Field shoot at Great Southern Archers.


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