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Fleurieu Triple - Event 1 - Field

The first event of the Fleurieu Triple 2018 was held at the Great Southern Archers Field ground in Strathalbyn on Saturday 11th August. The weather was a serious factor in how far and comfortably the 24t Field course would be completed but despite predictions the sun shone and clouds, although threatening at times, remained at bay.

A total of 14 archers from each of the three clubs - Great Southern Archers, Southern Vales Archery Club and Victor Harbor Archery Club - took part in the first of the three archery disciplines covering this competition.

The Great Southern Archers must be pleased with their beautifully set field grounds and the challenges it can represent. Scores covered a wide range with occasional wind gusts playing havoc with the arrows. Overall the mood was one of light-hearted enjoyment with the occasional frustration thrown in - that's archery!

The purpose of this triple event is not only the competition but to foster interaction between the clubs on a social and sporting level, encouraging newer members to participate, learn and enjoy. The next event on the calendar is the WA Indoor 18m next Wednesday, 15th August at the Victor Harbor Archery venue at Port Elliot, when we can do it all again!

Thank you to Great Southern Archers for being such gracious hosts - the sausage sizzle at the end was most welcome.

A few more photographs can be found on the VHAC 2018 Event Gallery. Trying to shoot with both a bow and a camera at the same time is restricting so there are not as many images as last year - another frustration to overcome!

See you all again Wednesday night. 🏹

#FleurieuTriple2018 #FleurieuTripleField

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