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Fleurieu Triple Completion - Events 2 & 3

A Cezanne rendition of the Fleurieu Triple Indoor Event at Victor Harbor Archery Club.

The Fleurieu Triple Event for 2018 is now over following Wednesday nights WA Indoor shoot, hosted by the Victor Harbor Archery Club and last Saturday's Target shoot, hosted by the Southern Vales Archery Club. The Field day at Great Southern Archers was covered in the previous blog.

This is now the second year the Fleurieu Triple has been held and can again be regarded as a successful event. The participating three clubs all performed well, hosting their respective disciplines with eagerness and good organisation. Archers attending varied greatly - it would have been even better if more of our younger members participated but there is time before the 2019 event, to encourage them to join in the fun and the challenge.

Generally the weather was kind to us with no worries re Indoor. The Indoor event was well attended with the crossbow archers enjoying their evening under cover.

The Target shoot with a 1pm starting time, was fortunate to miss the rain that came through the previous night and early morning but unfortunately the wind played havoc once again with archer performance.

The final wrap up of the event took place in the Southern Vales Archery Club after their

recorder Mark Evans, did an excellent job of grinding the numbers and announcing the final results.

  • Best 'off the bow' - Victor Harbor Archery Club,

  • Best with handicap - Great Southern Archers,

  • Archer with best score with handicap over the 3 days - Shirley Biggs from Great Southern Archers.

Congratulations to all participating archers and especially to the winning clubs and Shirley Biggs. The good spirit with which this event was conceived and initiated has been much appreciated and we all looking forward to the next Fleurieu Triple in 2019!

Further images can be viewed on the VHAC website 2018 image/event gallery.

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