• Lydia Stutton

A Makeover for VHAC Target Grounds

It was a scheduled target shoot for the Victor Harbor Archery Club today but strong winds made it impossible for a successful shoot. Bows and arrows were abandoned and a 'working bee' already underway since 0730 was performed instead.

Lacking a 'club house' the old shed and the area surrounding it above the target grounds, have been given a make-over in preparation for the big tournaments coming up early in 2019.

The shed will retain its rustic look and will be the focal point for registrations and catering and an area where the club recorder can find some relief if the weather presents a challenge! It is hoped this spot will become a gathering point for archer relaxation and interaction when needed.

The club is blessed with members whose expertise and talents have helped greatly with this project and as volunteers, their contribution is even more appreciated.

Graham Potts supervising Pino and Paul!

Graham Potts, apart from 'supervising' has made and installed awesome distance markers and established a fresh starting line.

For those challenged with a long walk to amenities an access gate has been installed just behind the shed and an area [a level above the shed] was cleared and will be open for car parking.

James Robinson and friend applying finishing touches to gate post.

Not to be outdone and fulfilling his contribution, young Callan Ineson did a great job re-establishing the carpet stairway to the shed.

Callan and the stairway.

A special mention must also be made to James Robinson who erected the railing in front of the shed last week - can't have competitors and our archers disappearing down the slope!

Even in black and white the shed looks a treat.

Thank you and congratulations to all VHAC volunteers, members and friends who continue to help this club grow and develop to one of the best in South Australia.


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