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Potts Shoots 300

Sports editors have a way of catching a readers eye with the appropriate headline. So it was with this archery news article covering Graham Potts and his record breaking score of 300 in the Master Male Compound Class, shot on the 24th October, 2018 at the Victor Harbor Archery Club's Indoor Range at Port Elliot.

Excerpt from the articles is as follows:

Last Wednesday 24thOctober, much excitement emanated from the Victor Harbor Archery Club’s Indoor Archery venue at Port Elliot Showgrounds.

Before the evening’s shoot began a very happy young Riley received his Certificate following completion of the ‘Beginners Archery Course’ he so eagerly attended. Congratulations Riley and hopefully you will continue to shoot for the stars!

There was a full house of archers in attendance this night to see Graham Potts VHAC President, achieve a State Record for the18m Australian Indoor shoot. Needless to say Graham was very pleased! His previous record score of 299 has now been converted to a perfect score of 300, which included 21 X’s. In Archery X’s are in the central spot, which is 2cm in diameter surrounded by the 10point ring, which is 3cm wide - difficult but do-able for the elite archer!

Victor Harbor Archery Club has an exclusive Indoor ‘perfect score’ board for any archer achieving a score of 300. Pat Coghlan’s name is up there and Paul Bagnell, as well as Andrew Kuchel from Great Southern Archers. Some who have ‘almost made it’ are also given a mention.

Graham's good-looking score sheet from the night.

Graham continues to work tirelessly for the Victor Harbor Archery Club in fostering, promoting and improving the club as a whole whether as a speaker at Rotary or Lion’s Clubs, following up grant applications or getting his hands dirty at the club’s working bees. Graham is an avid archer competing at local, State and National levels in Outdoor and Indoor Target events, Field and Clout and is well known for his competitive spirit.

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