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VHAC Christmas/Presentation Finale 2018

Saturday 15th December was a busy day beginning with the final Target shoot for the year followed by Christmas celebrations and Award Presentations.

The double QRE scheduled for the day, began at 7am and five ambitious archers made the early morning start to finish the rounds by midday. Pat Coghlan hoping to shoot in the World Cup Series next year, was pleased with his performance. Rachel Coghlan put together this video showing the master at work or is it play???

The Christmas BBQ and Award presentations finally began later in the day and it was good to see most of our regular [and not so regular] archers with their families attending - the food was great, the red wine a good little drop and the dessert was amazing. Special mention must be made re the chocolate 'gingerbread' house' kindly brought in by the Robinson family, just for chocaholics like me!!!

Club President Graham Potts finally brought the gathering to order for the serious business of recapping the clubs achievements for 2018, highlighting and thanking those members who contributed their time and talents in so many ways to develop and improve all areas within the club structure.

Presentation of awards followed which included personal performance awards and the Club Championship awards. For a small club our archers do quite well in this department and hopefully give all members a sense of pride and importance amidst the greater scheme of things within the world of Australian Archery.

Unfortunately a few of our award winners could not be present today and they include Paul Bagnell who will receive his Elite Gold medal for Indoor, Brett Love Club Champion in Male Recurve Division and Sherry Gale who broke several records in the Veteran Female Compound Division at the recent State Target Championships.

Other awards presented in the "Gallery of Champions' include Graham Potts who received a Silver Perfect at the Target Championships, a record in the Masters Compound Australian Indoor 18m and Lydia Strutton who had record wins in the Veteran and Veteran + Womens Recurve at the State Target Championships and a record win in the Australian Veteran + Australian Indoor 18m.

Congratulations to all our 'winners' and congratulations to all members of the VHAC - every archer whether competitive or not is always striving to improve by hours spent in practise, refining technique, striving for perfection. There is nothing better than shooting a perfect score or even that one 'bullseye' that finds it mark.

Finally what does one do with all the trophies and medals won in competitive archery? Pat Coghlan is not the man to ask - he has too many and wife Rachel just scratches her head, grabs a hand full and gives a big sigh!!!!!


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