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2019 National Indoor Championships

Spotty Compound Bows at the Indoor Championships

The National Indoor Championships were held over the weekend of 20th and 21st July 2019 and Victor Harbor Archery Club welcomed archers to gather and enjoy two days of challenging competition. The event was well attended and good results gained by individuals and teams.

Electrifying Indoor Championships!

Pat Coghlan the VHAC Tournament Director was the Event Coordinator and Judges Junior Alexander, Bruce Lang and Robert Whittlesea oversaw proceedings. With these very experienced people in attendance, success was guaranteed and the VHAC and archers competing appreciated their help and guidance.

Not to be outdone, the catering ladies kept the crowd well fed and watered. Thank you ladies - your time and efforts were also appreciated - the pumpkin soup was delicious!

Getting in sync.

The competition covered most classes - Cub to Veteran plus and divisions included Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Crossbow.

The Victor Harbor Archery Club was well represented in both events and results reflected the expertise found within the club. Pat Coghlan continues to dominate the Open Male Compound division coming in 1st in both the State and Nationally. Other results include:

20 and Under Male Compound - Callan Ineson 1st in State, 8th National, Harrison Balla 3rd in State, 14th National.

Open Female Compound - Rhiannon Mills 1st in State, 4th National, Melissa Balla 4th in State, 21st National.

Open Male Compound - Graham Potts 5th in State, 24th National, Callan Ineson 9th in State, 51st National, Harrison Balla, 14th in State, 89th National.

Master Male Compound - Graham Potts 1st in State, 10th National, Paul Bagnell 2nd in State, 11th National.

Master Female Compound - Sherry Gale 1st in State, 2nd National.

Veteran Female Compound - Sherry Gale 1st in State, 1st National.

Veteran + Female Recurve - Lydia Strutton 1st in State, 2nd National.

Amongst these results are also various awards and records which will be confirmed when claims are checked and finalised. Congratulations to all for results achieved and for making the effort to participate and hopefully gain from the experience.

Glowing Archers - Josh Turner, Rory Blake, Ailani Cox, Georgiina Graham, Paul Bagnell

The Archery SA Male Compound team consisted of Pat Coghlan, Graham Potts, Paul Bagnell and Andrew Kuchel. Congratulations chaps - 1st again for the 2nd year in a row,

Not to be overshadowed by the event, President Graham Potts presented Sherry Gale with a 1400 medal award which she won following the State Target Championships last year. Sherry's actual total was 1416. Congratulations Sherry - it was a long time coming!

Graham Potts presenting Sherry Gale with her 1400 medal.

Twelve months to go for the next National Indoor Championship - one can only surmise what will happen - so don't think about it, keep practising and give it your best shot when the time comes. Hope to see you on the line!


To view further images from the National Indoor Championships at Port Elliot, please check out the VHAC Event Gallery (still being collated).

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