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Matchplay SA Leg 2019 - Compound Day

Early morning at the Victor Harbor Archery Club grounds is the best time for archery - air is crisp and cool with little or no wind - perfect! So it was for our Compound archers on the first day on the NMP SA Leg held on 12th January 2019.

There was a good mix of archers from various States and for the first time, the SA Leg welcomed disabled archer Garry Robinson from SOPA, who put up a great performance and was such a good example and inspiration of what can be achieved [with much hard work] in overcoming a physical disability in sport.

With the upcoming National Tournaments VHAC is hosting in a few weeks time, extensive upgrades and improvements have been made at the Back Valley Oval grounds. Len Woods built 10 new target butts which are superb and a delight to use, a Wi-fi booster was also tested and helped with electronic scoring [still needs a bit of a tweak]. The old shed on the hill was given a makeover and worked well both as a canteen, for registration and as a base for the Results Management Team. New line markers and distance pegs were also installed and of course the grounds were meticulously prepared by the clubs groundsmen - a lot of jobs for very few people! Thanks and appreciation is extended to all involved.

Unfortunately for our Compound group, the still air of early morning slowly deteriorated as the day progressed and flags and socks were at 45 degree angles by late morning. Despite this drawback competition was fierce. In the final result it is always good to see members of VHAC and SA perform so well and win an odd medal or two.

Final result - Men's Compound:

  1. Adam Bielby - Twin City Archers

  2. Andrew Kuchel - GSA

  3. Pat Coghlan - VHAC

Final result - Women's Compound:

  1. Rhiannon Mills - VHAC

  2. Katrina Robinson - SOPA

  3. Niamh Jones - GHA

Compound Day gallery of photos:

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