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Matchplay SA Leg 2019 - Recurve Day [with a twist]

It was again a perfect day for our NMP Recurve archers on the second day of Matchplay SA Leg 13th January 2019. As with Compound, the recurvers made up a varied group and the 'twist in the tale' involves a lone Longbow archer - VHAC President Graham Potts - he almost stole the show away from the 'normal' Matchplay event!

Graham Potts [first in line left] shooting Longbow in the Ranking round.

Matchplay has to date, involved only Compound and Recurve archers but following a request from Longbow and Barebow archers to be included in Matchplay, a provision was added for them to do just that. However none of those archers have taken up this offer. Graham had recently invested in a Longbow and decided to take the first step to shoot Matchplay Barebow, hoping to start the arrows flying in this direction! In the Ranking round Barebow shoots a 50/720 as opposed to the normal Recurve round of 70/720.

Señora Shirley Biggs - a Compound archer in NMP Saturday-

observer during Recurve Matchplay Sunday.

It is always a delight to watch the recurve archers - elegant both in form and flight of arrow. Some familiar faces popped up again but good to see the new, including Peter Victory from Southern Vales AC and Archery SA President Ian Dall - SA needs a boost of recurve archers for Matchplay. Marianne Rieckmann [Cressy Bowmen] has returned to Matchplay after retiring from her 4 year ASA Recorder role.

At this stage, thanks must be given to Matchplay judge Graham Lock who worked tirelessly over the two days of Matchplay, checking, watching and overseeing various aspects of this event and keeping everyone in line!

Judge Graham Lock - Recurve Bronze Final.

Final result Men and Women's Recurve:

  1. David Barnes - AAC

  2. James Gaze - Moorabbin AC

  3. Astin Darcy - Canberra AC

Final Women's Recurve:

  1. Laura Paeglis - Archers in Melbourne

  2. Sarah Haywood - Hobart Archers

  3. Tayla King - SOPA

Matchplay at VHAC would not be the event it is without the support and hard work of our canteen crew. They keep us watered, well fed and the sugar levels high! Thank you to all who chipped in and we look forward to repeating it all again during the upcoming National Tournaments. A couple of the canteen crew are also SES volunteers so if a severe weather event occurred, we would have had first hand help!

NMP Recurve - Gallery of Photos:

A big thanks to the VHAC Tournament Manager Pat Coghlan - who makes things happen and Wendy Howell VHAC Secretary - for all the work behind the scenes, half of which most of us don't realise needs doing!

Finally, thank you to the archers who came from far and near to shoot the NMP SA Leg. You keep the Series going and are an inspiration to future archers - VHAC will always welcome you and hope to see you again in the Easton Open and Matchplay Series Final.

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