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VHAC Archery - We Are Back! 🏹

Shooters at VHAC indoor venue - Wednesday 24th June

Both indoor and outdoor target shooting has now recommenced at the Victor Harbor Archery Club following easing of Covid -19 restrictions. Strict guidelines are still in place - social distancing and hand sanitisation.

Scoring is also in place for both indoor and target shoots via Archers Diary but until all States are cleared for shooting, no QRE's are being held and all National competitions have been cancelled/postponed until further notice. Unfortunately this means there will be no National or State Indoor Championships held at VHAC on weekend of 18th/19th July 2020.

It has been uplifting and so good to be shooting with other archers again - members and visitors - and it does make a difference! As expected some of us have lost form over the last couple of months but 'practise makes perfect' and when competition resumes again hopefully we will all be ready and up to the challenges.

Pat Coghlin and Bailey Wildman enjoy the return to target shooting on a fine Saturday am shoot at      

                                                             the VHAC grounds.

Beginner courses are also available so please take this opportunity to enrol and see what archery is all about.  

Practise sessions have also recommenced on Sunday mornings for those who need extra practise, for the occasional shooter who wants to keep form and for beginners not yet ready for competition.  

We would love to see as many VHAC members as possible return to shooting and begin a new lease of archery life as now is as good a time as any!  Hope to see you all soon!


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